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Feddie Single Malt Whisky

Feddie Single Malt Whisky will be launched November 2024. 

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Nine Sisters Ocean Gin

Nine Sisters Ocean Gin has a delicate and aromatic scent of juniper berries, citrus and flowers.

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Nine Sisters Grapefruit Gin

Nine Sisters Grapefruit Gin is rich and aromatic with aromas of juniper, grapefruit, berries and flowers.

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Akevitt Blank

Feddie Blank Akevitt

Feddie Blank Akevitt has fresh notes of caraway and citrus. Try matching it with seafood or mix it in cocktails.

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Fatlagret Akevitt

Feddie Fatlagret Akevitt

Rich spice tones and citrus. Caraway gives an aromatic boost. Perfect for hearty winter food and Christmas food.

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Akevitt ARK Til PP 08

Feddie Fatlagret Dillakevitt

Soft and rich with caraway, dill, mint and lemon peel. Long finish with anise,
cinnamon and flower.

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Deluxe kaffelikør

We have made a coffee liqueur together with Fuglen. Fuglen is one of Oslo's finest coffee- and cocktail bars and has two bars in Oslo and five in Japan.

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Inspired by the island's history

Feddie was the name of the island during the 16th century, and this was our inspiration for the distillery's name. And we know that aquavit people love information about the distillery making the aquavit.