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Environment, sustainability and ecology

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Sustainable choice

Good neighbours, sustainability, and ecological products

The Fedje adventure began with a good idea and generous dollops of delightful lunacy. Values and sustainability were on the menu from the very outset, and we were never in any doubt. We wanted to be ecological and to develop a distillery that we could be proud to represent.

This is every bit as self-evident to us as it is unavoidable in our time – we will always make sustainable choices and consider the consequences for nature and the environment. Obviously!



Values and sustainability are also a matter of being good neighbours, of culture and of social responsibility within our circles.

We are new here, and we want to do rather than just talk. So we need time to put our values onto a good footing.



Our products

100% ecologically certified. Uncompromisingly!

Nine Sisters Ocean Gin and all products coming out of Feddie Distillery are to be ecologically certified by Debio. The Nine Sisters are the waves; Feddie’s heroes are nature and the sea. As they should be!


The environmental perspective of our ecological choices is clear. For us, it is just as obvious that our clean, ecological ingredients do something with the quality and taste of our products. Quite simply, it feels better to be drinking a cocktail made with pure ingredients.

As of January 2022 we are still on our own in offering Norwegian ecological gin. We hope that others will follow suit.


Nine Sisters Ocean Gin

Our footprint

We will tread with care and foresight

We are striving towards earning the Eco Lighthouse certificate.

In order to achieve this, we do all we can to reduce, save, reuse, and recycle. This includes planning processes and the daily the executions of our assignments. We are currently in the moulding phase of our sustainability transformation endeavours and the future is looking bright. The goal is to deliver our first sustainability report in the first quarter of 2022. A challenge, to be fair, but one that is most certainly attainable. Endurance is in our nature and we celebrate every milestone we achieve with humility and renewed vigour.

Due diligence is strictly adhered to throughout the entire distillation and processing cycles that result in the final bottled product.

This commitment is delivered to all our business partners and associates, including suppliers, logistics transportation and of course, our customers.

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