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Community, sustainability, and organic products

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Sustainable choice

Community, sustainability, and organic products

Our incredible adventure on the island of Fedje started with a great idea and the perfect amount of crazy. Sustainability and ethical values were always going to be our top priorities and from day one, we never doubted our direction. In addition to tantalizing organic products and a uniquely local distillery, we represent these qualities with pride.

Sustainability comes naturally to us and is an unavoidable necessity in the times ahead.

We are acutely aware of how our choices affect both nature and the environment which why we make the choices we do.



By being good neighbours and upholding cultural and social responsibilities, we aim to be role models for others in the professional fields we inhabit.

We are a fresh, new business which emphasises that actions speak louder than words and we aim to make this abundantly clear with each passing day.


Our products

All our ingredients are, of course 100% ecological. Without exception.

Nine Sister Ocean Gin is ecologically certified by Debio.

In Norse mythology, “Nine Sisters” represents waves of the ocean while “Feddie” are the heroines of both sea and nature.

Ecological choices are forged by the way we want the future of business to be run, and pure ecological ingredients will be the first step which will ensure sublime, unparalleled taste throughout our supply chain.

We are the first and only distillery in Norway to produce 100 % ecological gin.

As pioneers in this enterprise, are well aware that we are setting a trend which will soon become standardized amongst our peers and we welcome this wholeheartedly.


Nine Sisters Ocean Gin

Our footprint

We will tread with care and foresight

We are striving towards earning the Miljøfyrtårn certificate (directly translated, “Miljøfyrtårn”  means “environmental lighthouse (beacon))”

In order to achieve this, we do all we can to reduce, save, reuse, and recycle. This includes planning processes and the daily the executions of our assignments. We are currently in the moulding phase of our sustainability transformation endeavours and the future is looking bright. The goal is to deliver our first sustainability report in the first quarter of 2022. A challenge, to be fair, but one that is most certainly attainable. Endurance is in our nature and we celebrate every milestone we achieve with humility and renewed vigour.

Due diligence is strictly adhered to throughout the entire distillation and processing cycles that result in the final bottled product.

This commitment is delivered to all our business partners and associates, including suppliers, logistics transportation and of course, our customers.

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