Feddie Fatlagret Dillakevitt

Made with caraway in addition to dill, and matured in bourbon barrels.

Dill and caraway

Dill can be difficult to combine with other botanicals to create a well-balanced aquavit. Our twist is to use caraway in addition to dill, together with botanicals that are traditionally used in gin. We h mature our dillakevit in ex bourbon barrels.

Golden hue. Dill, citrus and floral aromas.

Hints of spices and rosé pepper. Soft and concentrated taste of dill, herbs and citrus. Finishes with angelica, licorice root and spices.

Pairs well with fat fish

Try the dill aquavit with mackerel, herring or salmon. Tastes lovely with pickled herring. And if you are going to make pickled herring, make sure you add a splash of dill aquavit in it.

Akevitt ARK Til PP 08