Tessa Fyr

The people

We have gathered the best people possible for Team Feddie. People with a deep, nerdy knowledge of whisky and gin, a passion for exploring taste and a nose for good craftsmanship.

Craig Brownhill
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Our knowledgeable and ambitious whisky distiller

Craig Brownhill

When Craig was a newly graduated astrophysicist, he realized that his guiding star was whisky and decided to do a master in “Brewing and Distilling”. As the president of the Water of Life Society at the University of Edinburgh, Craig arranged weekly tastings for up to 100 guests for many years. He came to us from Scotland in 2019 and now lives on Fedje with his girlfriend, their dog and his trombone. He relishes jazz, the sea and the dream of making the world’s best whisky.

Therese Storebø Østervold
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Our fearless and explorative gin distiller

Therese Storebø Østervold

Our Tessa is in love with nature and explores it in all the ways she can. She loves the angle and perspective from a kayak, both on the sea and white-water rivers. In her days of bartending, she was driven by competition and fearlessly threw herself into any challenge. The efforts took her around the world, meeting thought leaders, people with knowledge and ideas, learning craftwomanship and the art of flavours. With experience and knowledge in hand, inspired by the mesmerizing nature of Fedje, she is now making our gin.

Jan Groth
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Our experienced and patient whisky expert

Jan Groth

Jan is our whisky-man, our source of wisdom, sound advice and knowledge. He is the teams mentor. Jan is the founder of the World Whisky Forum and sits on the prestigious Advisory Panel in Scotland. And when he doesn’t have his nose buried deep into a glass of whiskey he is writing books. About food and whisky of course.

Feddie's Board of Directors

Camilla Helena Andersson

Camilla has over 25 years of experience as a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Angel.

She has a deep understanding within the media and technology industry, finance, real estate and during the last few years, in FinTech. Four years ago she was the first to offer Equity Crowdfunding in Norway through SparkUp and is currently CEO in Privanet Norway with their platform AROUND. She has a wealth of experience as a leader, board member, mentor, consultant and adviser.


Anne Koppang

Restaurant entrepreneur Anne Koppang has 35 years of experience in the restaurant business.

Together with two friends, she started Druen at Aker Brygge in 1986, now known as restaurant Asia. In 2006, the three of them established the Italian restaurants Olivia. She also shares ownership of the well known jewelry chain David-Andersen. Anne holds a Master of science in business, and has an education as a sommelier with extensive knowledge from the business of beer, wine and spirits.


Anne Gro Gulla

Anne Gro is an internationally experienced marketer.

She has worked for companies such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, McCann, London Business School, Telenor and Telia. She is a marketing consultant, has a passion for teaching, and is the Co-founder of a start-up company. Anne Gro is also a published fiction writer and an eager photographer. She has lived in Germany, Sweden and Texas and is now based in Oslo.

Board member