Feddie Distillery Single Malt Whisky

Fedje. The perfect place to make world class whisky.

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Feddie Single Malt Whisky

We aim to make a first-class handcrafted, organic whisky. It will be bottled and ready for whisky lovers to enjoy in 2024. Whisky from Feddie Ocean Distillery is produced from organic malt, matured in oak barrels.

Feddie whisky cask shareholder

Would you like to own shares in our unique whisky casks?

We want to give you the opportunity to follow our whisky journey closely. You are welcome to reserve shares in our finest casks. It is of course possible to reserve several shares at the same time, in multiple casks.

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A whisky kiss for endurance

We are passionately committed to the idea of ​​making world-class organic whisky, at Fedje. Our whisky will be ready for whisky lovers in autumn 2024.