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Feddie Blank Akevitt

Feddie Blank Akevitt is our first aquavit to the Norwegian market. This aquavit is perfect companion for seafood all year around. 

Focused aroma with distinct caraway and citrus peel

Hints of angelica and herbs. Soft and rich mouthfeel with clear caraway and citrus. Finishes with licorice root, water and warm spices. Nuanced and complex, with a long aftertaste.

Caraway is an exciting raw material with a wide aromatic range. With the help of different types of citrus peel and other plants, we have created a glossy aquavit that plays on many strings, but where the caraway gives both top notes and bass.

The perfect accompaniment to seafood

Feddie Blank Akevitt is the perfect anchor dram for the summer months, and the perfect accompaniment to seafood all year round.

Akevitt Blank