The distillery by the ocean

The island, Fedje – North by North West in Norway, a short boat ride from Bergen. Sea spray, open landscape, a lighthouse 104 feet above sea level, fresh air, 530 inhabitants and a lot of weather.

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Feddie Ocean Distillery

Fedje is the village in the ocean, and the island's name was Feddie back in 1666. Feddie Ocean Distillry will capture the island's history and identity. We are inspired by the ocean, the wild weather and the island's distinct nature. Fedje's character is in the wind eye between a poetic, beautiful calm landscape and the wild, rough waves of the ocean. And with an infinite horizon towards Scotland and Shetland.

Whisky is Feddie Ocean Distillery's gold. And while we are waiting for our whisky to mature, we make gin, aquavit and other spirits. 

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100% female investors

Why women? Why not? Because it’s exceptional. Because the world of spirits is dominated and run by men. The whisky industry mainly educate men and whisky drinkers are most often men. So far.

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Our spirits

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Ocean Grape

Nine Sisters Gin

Nine Sisters Ocean Gin has a delicate, aromatic flavour from Juniper, citrus and flower. 

Nine Sisters Grapefruit Gin is rich and aromatic with flavours of Juniper, grapefruit, berries and flower. 

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Feddie Akevitt

Feddie Blank (clear) Akevitt is perfect with seafood. Feddie Fatlagret (matured) Akevitt is the choice for winter, heavy food and christmas dishes. Feddie Dill Akevitt fits fat and spicy fish, like mackerel and graved salmon

Coming in 2024

Feddie Distillery - Single Malt Ocean Whisky

We aim to make a first class handcrafted, organic whisky. It will be bottled and ready for whisky lovers to enjoy in 2024.

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Cocktails with gin, akevitt and coffee liqueur

Learn how to make the most of our our spirits with a little help from our distiller and bartender, Therese.

  • “An intense and concentrated gin with good spice heat that deserves a good tonic.”
    Review of Nine Sisters Ocean Gin

Join our dream!

We dream about whisky - and you can be part of our dream by owning your own cask share. We welcome women to ask for information if you want to invest in our company.

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