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Welcome to Feddie Mek. - Nine Sisters' Playground

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Whisky from North by Northwest

Fedje, off the coast of Norway, is in fact the closest point to Scotland from Norway. And if we allow our imagination to run away with us, we can feel the pull of the homeland of whisky each time there is a westerly wind.

200 000 Bottles a year

This is the amount we can produce at the Feddie distillery’s modern production facilities. Feddie Distillery is named after the island of Fedje’s proud history, which, up until the 17th century, was called Feddie. Our first malt spirit was barreled in December 2019.


Feddie Mek.

The Warehouse – Nine
Sisters' Playground

Our 3100 square meter warehouse and 4 buildings is the home of Nine Sisters and friends. It was originally a warehouse for the shipping industry and has enough space to store all our barrels of whisky and spirits.

Feddie Mek. is not just our favoured location for testing and tasting and combining flavours and herbs. It is also our hub for designing and creating new ideas, new business and start-ups, as well as a venue for concerts, celebrations, cocktail parties, social events or just having fun.

Want to see where the magic happens? We're open for visitors.