The female owners

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100 % female investors

Why women? Why not?!

Because it’s exceptional. Because the world of spirits is dominated and run by men. The whisky industry mainly educate men and whisky drinkers are most often men. So far.

Because 80 % of the Norwegian stock exchange is still owned by men. We hope to encourage women to step up and invest, to learn and to experience the fun of it. Now is the time to get onboard and enjoy the journey!

Because Feddie’s founder is a woman, and from the very start of her career she has succeded in doing business with other women. So, we decided to form a female community within business, investing and this industry.

Craig Hoyre

Feddie's men and the Team's ownership

Although 100% of Feddie’s investors are women, Team Feddie has a wonderful mixture of both men and women.

We believe that it’s good for the team and good for business that every team member who works at team Feddie owns shares in Feddie. That goes for the men who works at team Feddie too. Share-ing is caring – it’s commitment, fun and inspirational. And that’s how we like to do business. This means that 96% of all the shares in the Feddie Distillery are owned by women.