Nine Sisters Ocean Gin

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Delicate and aromatic with juniper, citrus and flower. Nicely rounded with some sweetness from licorice root. A soft and modern gin with a long aftertaste.


Organic wheat spirit, juniper berries, coriander, cinnamon, angelica, licorice root, lemon and orange peel, cardamom, iris root, Norwegian spruce, pink pepper, fireweed and sugar kelp.

Nine Sisters Ocean Gin
Tess Tall

The flavours

This is the taste we’ve been searching for: it’s our taste. A harmonious combination of spices, plants and herbs. Of the ocean at Fedje, of things that grow and of wild exuberance – all nobly refined into a clear stream.

Of the hunt for that particular kind of grain, a leaf, a stem or just exactly that berry that is going to yield personality and character in perfect composition, and ideally to make enamoured gin palates to swoon with joy.

Or, as a judicious bartender from Bergen said about our first gin: “your gin is very feminine; it’s soft but strong”. Credit for the soft sweetness goes to the wild liquorice root. Our gin is gentle and easy to drink pure and neat. The willowherb at Fedje Mek. sends its greetings in notes of grass and greenery. Those notes of lemon? The island’s spruce tips are so juicy, green and citrusy. The primary notes are of rosé pepper. These small, pink peppercorns provide a light and ever-so discreet floral hint.

You see, we found that taste! After countless hours of search for perfection in our own recipe. The recipe is secret, but Nine Sisters Ocean Gin is always open.


Nine Sisters G&T

Make the most of your Nine Sisters Ocean Gin with this easy recipe. Enjoy!

  • Fill the glass with ice
  • Nine Sisters Gin
  • A light tonic
  • 5-6 corns of rosé pepper
  • Lemon zest

Certified organic

Nine Sisters Ocean Gin is distilled in a traditional column still with a number of organic botanicals that contribute to an exquisite, complex and delicate gin.