Nine Sisters Ocean Gin #batchNo1 The spirit of the waves

Our gin distiller Therese, aka “Tessa”, from Austevoll transported batch no. 1 from Fedje to Bergen by kayak.

August 16, 2020

Tessa is a passionate kayak paddler who thrives on wild outdoor pursuits. She is now enjoying her debut as our gin distiller. So she decided to take her first crate of gin by kayak across the sea from Fedje to Bergen – endowing those first-ever bottles with the spirit of salty sea, waves and devil-may-care guts. It all turned into a wonderful jamboree, with the local press, friends and supporters all turning out at the quayside in Bergen.

So the sea crossing, which was supported by Tessa’s local kayak club at Austevoll, ended up with flag waving and shouts of jubilation from the welcome committee in Bergen.