Whisky - The Grand Idea

We have a passionate belief that we will make the best whisky at Fedje.

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We have a passionate belief that we will make the best whisky at Fedje. It’s a bold idea because whisky is steeped in culture, tradition and history. The dream for Feddie Distillery’s founders is to master the art of whisky, even though it will take time, expertise and attention to detail. We celebrated our first yield in December 2019. We’re on!


A whisky kiss for endurance

"Imagine that virgin whisky from our premier batch. We can hardly wait, but we must. Until 2024. Then we will celebrate wholeheartedly."

Feddie Distillery - Single Malt Ocean Whisky

We aim to make a first-class handcrafted, organic whisky. It will be bottled and ready for whisky lovers to enjoy in 2024. Whisky from Feddie Ocean Distillery is produced from organic malt, matured in oak barrels.

Members of the public at the 2019 Bergen Whisky & Beer Festival had the opportunity to taste Feddie’s very first «new make”. The response was overwhelming. It’s like striking gold, yet the gold we have is now lying in our barrels.

Feddie Distillery whisky barrel shareholder

Your own share in our best barrels!

You have now the opportunity to follow our whisky dream as closely as possible. Therefore, we open up for you to buy shares of our whisky barrels. It is of course possible to buy several shares at the same time, also in different barrels.

Do you think shades of vanilla, citrus and tropical fruit sound tempting? Then the bourbon cask is for you!

If a malt whisky with a touch of dried fruit and nuts makes your heart rate increase, the sherry cask is the better choice.

Do you want to buy shares? We look forward to hearing from you! Send us an e-mail at


Your whiskey dream in a barrel at Fedje!

As a shareholder in our barrels you can choose whether you want your whisky matured in a bourbon barrel or sherry barrel. Or both, depending on your taste buds.