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Nine Sisters - handcrafted, certified organic gin

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Fedje in Norway is embraced by waves. Our gin is inspired by the origins of Norse mythology, and the Nine Sisters are the spirits of the waves.

The spirits of Nine Sisters

The nine daughters of the jotne Ægir and the goddess Ran are the divine powers of the ocean and they personify the sea. Their daughters, the Nine Sisters, are the spirits of the waves. 

A Portrait for the Imagination

Our re-design of the waves is inspired from an old painting. Each sister embodies the poetic flair of a wave and the painting is our homage to the Norwegian mythology, to our image of the ocean and the Nine Sisters, to the energy and to the power of female virtues.

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Nine Sisters Ocean Gin

Nine Sisters Ocean Gin is an award winning gin. It’s soft but strong” and the soft sweetness goes to the wild liquorice root. Our gin is gentle and easy to drink pure and neat.

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Nine Sisters Grapefruit Gin

Nine Sisters Grapefruit Gin is distilled with fresh, ecological ingredients, to enhance the flavour of an excellent, complex gin.

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  • “An intense and concentrated gin with good spice heat that deserves a good tonic.”
    Review of Nine Sisters Ocean Gin
  • “A super serious and concentrated pink gin. This is how it should taste!”
    Review of Nine Sisters Summer Gin 2021 (new name, new bottle in 2022)
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Handcrafted, organic gin from Fedje

Feddie Ocean Distillery makes handcrafted, organic gin at Fedje, a beautiful island on the west coast of Norway. 

Our experienced distillers make sure that our products are made with high quality. Our gin distiller Tessa - Therese Østervold Storebø also has her background as an acknowledged bartender, and develop our recipes based on how people would love to drink our spirits. 

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Nine Sisters Organic Gin in a 100 % recycled bottle

Nine Sisters Ocean Gin og Nine Sisters Grapefruit Gin are the first two eco gin in Norway, in 100 % recycled bottles. 

This is the first bottle in Scandinavia in 100 % recycled glass. This means that each bottle is unique and the colour of the bottle will vary slightly. This bottle has won the "LuxPack"-price in Monaco to years in a row, for sustainability, CO2 emission is reduced by 40 % using what is described as "wild glass", compared to "extra flint glass". This is because the particles do not have to be melted at such high temperatures as is the case with virgin material.