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Feddie Blank Akevitt

Feddie Blank Akevitt is our first aquavit to the Norwegian market. This aquavit is perfect companion for seafood all year around. 


Inspired by the island's history

Feddie was the name of the island during the 16th century, and this was our inspiration for the distillery's name. And we know that aquavit people love information about the distillery making the aquavit. 

That is why we let the island's history and Feddie Ocean Distillery give name to our aquavit. Feddie Blank Akevitt is our first aquavit, and was launched in May 2022. 

Where Nine Sisters Gin's identity convey the waves around the Fedje island, our aquavit expression is shaped by Fedje's nature and the wild rocks around Hellisøy Lighthouse, sprinkled with a touch of gold. 

Akevitt Blank