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Responsibility and social engagement

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The Island of Fedje

Feddie is a social, friendly and considerate neighbour.

Nurturing a healthy and respectful working culture within our community and towards our neighbours is very important to us. We want to create the kind of solidarity which translates into trust and transparency.

We want the Feddie distillery and all our crazy and not so crazy ideas to create new and innovative business opportunities.

We want to be a platform where people can meet, share ideas and promote the kind of ideals we all can be proud of. 


Our operations

Our products and commitment to responsible practice

Whisky has a long and distinguished history rooted in tradition. This is an already well-established market but which we are continuously fine-tuning and adjusting towards both local and international palates.

Aquavit is also locally produced and is one of Norway’s most iconic spirit labels. Once almost exclusively confined to the Nordics, this smooth and extraordinary liquid is making a global resurgence, with new and exciting ingredients and flavours taking the world by storm. Also steeped in tradition and with a colourful history of its own, is gin.

Although the concept of locally produced Norwegian gin is still rather new, it has rapidly won over the hearts and minds of the people both here and abroad.

Playfully experimenting with flavours of herbs and botanicals which all centre around the distinct flavour of juniper berries, the taste combinations we are able to achieve is delightful.

Promoting a healthy and responsible drinking culture is one of our top priorities. Drinking in moderation and with an appreciation for fine ingredients, quality and exquisite taste, we wish to instil a deep and respectful attitude towards the enjoyment of alcohol.

Our Social Wingspan

Feddie distillery is owned by women. We are social entrepreneurs, which is why our projects are aimed to promote equality and support of women in all aspects of society.

In a bigger perspective, we discuss how we can help women to master and create. We are so new in this domain that we are going to use 2021 to come out of our shell and to come up with a plan that feels right and is properly worked through. Based on who we are and where we are. And where we are going. 

In our network of female investors, we are creating a platform for transferring knowledge amongst each other. We want to equip young women so they can master the male-dominated business world better. 

We want to empower women to take ownership of the world of business. How to invest, break the codes and take part in the bigger picture. Emancipate women in a male-dominated business world. 

The female owners